It’s time to SPEAK UP!!

We all have a voice. Elections are a way for the World (or at least our country) to hear our voice but there are many other ways. We all have a platform to reach many people thanks to social media and we can reach a crazy amount of people just by one post.

Only a few years ago, you had to write a letter, put it in an envelope and go to the mail office! Now you can literally tweet to a few thousands of people (or more if you’re a celebrity, the Kardashians or Donald Trump) while taking a dump!! Oh my gosh, technology is CRAZY!!

What you do with you tweet, your Instagram post or your Facebook post depends on YOU though. You can share selfies of yourself, pictures of your food or pictures of your cat… or you can actually share something that might have a positive impact on your community and inspire other people to do the same.

Many athletes have used their social media accounts and the platform it provides to express their opinions and beliefs regarding important issues and I salute them for that! Alex Honnold is one of them and this is one of the many reasons that I admire this athlete and person. Alex Honnold recently went to a Women march in Las Vegas and posted a few pictures on his Instagram account, which has 698 thousand followers. Alex received lot of heat from this post, which is infested with tons of negative comments such as: “Try not to mix politics and climbing”, “unfollow”, “stick to climbing”, “way to alienate your audience, man” and I lot more other comments.


The following day, Alex answered by posting another pic with the following caption:

“For everyone telling me to stick to climbing – here’s a climbing pic. And here’s something else to think about: sometimes standing up for your convictions can be harder than overcoming physical fear. Being at the Women’s March made me appreciate the uphill struggle that so many marginalized communities face. They are courageous in a way that I can’t imagine, the least I can do is support their struggle for equality. All humans have the same inherent dignity and rights. Sure, some signs at the rally might be offensive. Some might even be vulgar. But who cares?! Freedom of speech is one of the things that makes this country great but too many people have had to wait far too long to be heard. I, for one, was glad for the opportunity to go and listen.”


Every time that an athlete (or an actor, singer etc.) speaks about important issues that regard our community and every citizen, they get are told to stick to their sport, that they should not express their opinion, or even not HAVE an opinion! There’s nothing that infuriates more than something telling another people to stop expressing themselves. If you are a personality and have a following, you should use your platform for a better good and express your opinion on these important issues, whether it’s human rights, animal rights, the environment… But no matter if you’re a well-known athlete like Alex Honnold, an actor like Leonardo DiCaprio, or someone with a much smaller following, don’t let someone tell you to stop expressing yourself! It’s time to SPEAK UP!



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