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“I think that athletes need to just realize that they are a ton of companies out there and if you put your name to enough people you will get some type of compensation of product from quite a few of them. But I think it’s more beneficial, it’s more long term thinking to really look at all the options and think about the companies that you connect with and really get behind and then put the effort in really making a personal connection there and explain to them why you want to work with them and realize that relationships of these sorts take time to build and it’s a long game.”

Branding and marketing for companies

“One example that I always come back to is right before the Rio Olympics, Under Armour put out this incredible video with Michael Phelps. That was cool content in my opinion. You forget that it is Under Armour that is making it, it gets you excited about the athlete, it gets you excited about the story he’s about to tell, it gets you excited about the product too because you see it but you’re not thinking that you are being marketed to so aggressively. ”

“But why are we not seeing more content like that coming out of major brands, they are not leveraging that story side of things enough”


“I think it’s always refreshing when people are as transparent as possible. I really love seeing that type of content when people talk deeply about the issues they’ve had, even if it relates to equipment and even if it relates to a partnership.”

“A lot of stuff that is on internet is not authentic. ”


“There’s always gonna be an appetite for it. Humans are always gonna want something a little bit more but obviously in general the shift is toward the short stuff and you can consume it more, you can consume it quickly. But there’s always gonna be the draw for that original content that you see in newspapers and magazines it just need to be constantly innovated in a way that is autentic.”

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